Seven Reasons Why There Are SO MANY Ladyboys In Thailand

Here’s a YouTube video explaining why there are SO MANY ladyboys in Thailand.

It’s no secret that they’re are loads of TS ladyboys in Bangkok, Pattaya and many other holiday destinations. But quite why that is, the reasons are varied.

This clip does a good job of explaining why of explaining seven reasons why ladyboys are so prevalent in Thailand.

  1. The first they say is because Thailand is open, tolerant and liberal so transsexuals don’t stay in the closer – making them more visible.
  2. The private medical industry is booming in Thailand so cosmetic reassignment surgery is readily available at a low cost.
  3. Buddhist religion states that being a lady is karma from a past life, considering them a ‘third sex’, so society accepts it because they’re majority Buddhist
  4. Ladyboys are a big draw for tourists so they have some good status
  5. Working as a ladyboy prostitute is a smart business decision that tempts many into transsexualism because of the good pay
  6. Ladyboys careers revolve around being a ladyboy, including actors, singers, models and of course, hookers
  7. Being a ladyboy is promoted, with beauty contests, boxing tournaments and other competitions for them
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