Seven Kids Riding One Motorcycle To School

This is the hilarious moment SEVEN schoolkids ride to classes on a single moped.

The teenagers were filmed on the 100cc motorcycle on their way to school on Thursday morning.

One lad sits in the basket on the front, another in front of the driver – while three stand behind him and one balances precariously sitting on the edge of the seat.

They travel along at around 30mph, and even have enough room to wave to a fellow road user who recorded them on his smartphone.

And they are all taking up extra room with backpacks and satchels slung over their shoulders on the way to school in Udon Thani, northeastern Thailand.

Seven kids riding on a motorcycle in Thailand

Seven kids riding on a motorcycle in Thailand

Gui Ga, who filmed the clip while riding alongside them, said: ”It made me laugh to see all seven of them riding together on a motorcycle.

”Clearly, true friends don’t leave each other, they stay close even when their riding their mopeds.

”I hope they don’t get in trouble for it.”

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