Seriously Ill British Man ‘Abandoned On Roadside By Girlfriend’

Harrowing pictures show a British man abandoned on the roadside allegedly by his girlfriend while suffering with a potentially deadly bloated stomach.

Michael Hyslop, 52, from Plymouth, was found by concerned locals slumped against in a pole outside a Buddhist temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on November 22.

The ex-pat – who had been living in Cambodia for several years – had allegedly been kicked out by his family in the country while he was ill.

Villagers who found him appealed for help in tracking down his family in the UK and said that Michael ”could not walk”. He appears to be suffering from advanced cirrhosis of the liver which had caused his stomach to swell.

Oun Sokhang, one of the women who found him outside the Wat Svay temple, said: ”This foreign man needs to go to hospital urgently. He needs his family. He was very weak and he had separated from his family in Cambodia.”

Some residents who discovered Michael said that he had been left there by his girlfriend who then disappeared.

One of Michael’s last messages on social media was with a picture of him with a Cambodian woman and a young boy sitting outside a home.

He asked for advice on finding a watch repair shop to fix his Tag Heur and Seiko time pieces on June 5.

Having been discovered, Michael was given water to drink from a straw from locals. He was later taken to hospital on Saturday (24/11) although it’s not clear what his condition currently is.

Writing on social meda, Xing Miul said ”Save his life please” and Sisamantha Johnson said: ”Just do something to him to save his life please.”

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