Seriously Cute Baby Monkey Hugs Cuddly Toy

This impossibly cute baby monkey hugged a cuddly toy to overcome her nerves as she was treated in hospital for dehydration.

Cute wild macaque Olive was found struggling to breathe and malnourished last Sunday afternoon in Bangkok.

She had ‘’no power’’ and just a faint heart beat. Her mother had gone missing and was not able to give her breast milk.

But rescuers took Olive to vets who gave her a bottle of milk and saline solution with vitamins to help her get her strength back.

Olive was nervous and shaking after being transported to the Samut Sakhon Animal Hospital. But she calmed down when staff gave her a bright yellow teddy which she clung on to.

Naphakamon Nithijarumethee, a volunteer with a local monkey charity, said: ‘’When we found Olive she was breathless, had no power, no force and did not eat food. She needed liquids.

‘’She was one week old and sick. When she arrived at the hospital she received milk, vitamins and saline solution to make her strength come back.

‘’Olive is feeling much better now, but still her mother cannot feed her so the doctors have to give her milk.

‘’She is still in the hospital and we’re just waiting for her to return to her home where she lives outside with other monkeys.’’

Hundreds of thousands of monkeys live outside in the wild across Thailand. When Olive is better, she’ll return to live near the King Rama 9 statue in the Samae Dam district of the capital.

The area by a busy roadside is popular with monkeys and is also the home of Uncle Fatty, who made headlines around the world earlier this year for the opposite problem to Olive – he gorged on too much food given to him by tourists and needed to be sent to ‘fat camp’ to go on a diet.

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