Selfish Drivers Refuse To Let Ambulance Through

Bangkok traffic can be the most annoying in the world… but situations like these are more infuriating than any.

An ambulance has its siren and lights on but selfish drivers refuse to move out of the way.

Hundreds of cars were crawling along a motorway in morning rush when the lights and sirens started up in in Bangkok, Thailand.

Despite plenty of space for cars in front to pull over in to, they sit still while the desperate emergency driver inches narrowly past motorist.

Selfish motorcyclists even pull out in front of the ambulance blocking its path forward and causing more congestion.

Drivers don't move aside for the ambulance in Bangkok

Drivers don’t move aside for the ambulance in Bangkok

The infuriating scenes were captured by pedestrian Chen Juthakan from a walkway over a road in the Khlong Toe area of the Thai capital on Thursday (Nov 24) at 8.30am.

Chen said: ”It’s so frustrating to see this kind of thing happening. Unfortunately it happens a lot.

”There are sick people inside the ambulance who need to get to hospital and the drivers are just waiting around. It’s easy for them to move.

”Hopefully we can improve this soon so life is easier for the emergency services.”

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