Security Guard Kicks Student In Head For ‘Playing Music Loudly’

This shocking video shows the moment a student is repeatedly kicked in the head by a security guard – for playing music ‘too loud’.

Bank Banphot , 18, was riding his moped with friends in Chonburi, Thailand, when guard Tim Chamnankit, 30, stopped them to complain about their pop music.

The man claimed to be an army sergeant major and launched a shocking three minute sustained attack on the teenager in front of his horrified friends.

Video taken by a female friend shows the burly worker wearing heavy black boots repeatedly kicking Bank at full power in the stomach and in the head.

Despite cowering on the ground and pleading to stop, the security guard continues – even stamping on the boy’s head as he tries to get up.

Bank, who suffered cuts and bruising to his face and ribs, said: ”I was with my friends and the guard came over and said we were playing our music too loud.

”He asked what my background was. He wanted to show his power and said he was in the army. Then he got so angry.

”I was on the ground and he was kicking me really hard. I was begging for him to stop but he kept going, getting more and more angry.

”The pain was bad. I went to the hospital and had stitches in my lips and we called the police. The next morning I woke up and couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror. My face was so sore.

”Now I just want justice. Nobody should be allowed to do this to another person.”

Fried Aumasiri Sukjaroen, who watched the attack unfold, while recording it, said: ”How can somebody hurt him like this? We asked him to stop but he just kept kicking.

”He said at first he was in the army. But he was just a security guard. He was tall and strong and people could not stop him.”

The group of friends had been riding through a quiet industrial estate area when they were approached by the guard, named by police as Tim Chamnankit.

He told them that their music was too loud and claims that Bank ”insulted” him – sparking the furious beating.

After the attack, police tracked down Chamnankit who was arrested and confessed to the attack.

He said: ”I apologise to the relatives of the injured boy and hope that we can put it behind us. I will pay damages to him and his family. I am not a danger.”

Police said they were waiting for a doctor to check the injuries of the victim before charging the security guard.

A spokesman said: ”A man guilty of assault shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. Or a fine not exceeding forty thousand baht (800GBP).”

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