Security Guard Attacking Woman Work Colleague

This is the shocking moment a security guard is caught on CCTV battering a female colleague in an attack at work.

The man repeatedly punched and kick boxed terrified N’Nan Duangdeun last Friday afternoon in Chonburi province, Thailand.

N’Nan tries to defend herself but he responds by punching her in the mouth – followed by two right hooks, an uppercut and four kicks to the back of her legs.

As she holds her face and collapses on the floor, the man swaggers away as another male colleague looks on.

Footage of the sickening assault went viral after being leaked to Thai media by a colleague at the soap and detergent factory where the pair work.

N’Nan said: ‘’I don’t know why the person got angry, he was angry at something that happened outside in his life. But then he took it out on me and came back to fight me. I said to him ‘what is wrong?’

‘’He was boxing me, I just don’t know why he came back and got angry at me.

‘’I only went to work to find money for my family, what did I do wrong to him? I never do anything wrong to him.

‘’I don’t understand why the people there with me didn’t come to help. But I don’t want to complain about them, I cannot say too much about them.’’

The man, who police did not name, was later taken in for questioning and pictured at the station but released after the pair settled the dispute privately.

They said that N’Nan Duangdeun asked for compensation to be paid to her and put the incident down to a ”minor misunderstanding of communications’’.

An officer at Nongkham Police Station said the man had confessed but the issue was settled and no arrests had been made.

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