Sea Turtle Interrupts Beach Party… Lays Eggs In Sand

This is the adorable moment a sea turtle casually interrupts a beach party – to lay her eggs in the sand.

The pregnant creature waddled across the bay while dozens of tourists were drinking in Bali, Indonesia, last Friday August 2.

She was seen using her flippers to dig her nest, oblivious to the loud music and revelers dancing all around her.

The sea turtle then laid her eggs in the exact spot and covered them in sand as amazed holidaymakers looked on.

Australian tourist Kym Jackson said the turtle spent several minutes dropping the eggs in the hole.

Kym said: ”Staff from the resort contacted the Bali Sea Turtle Society to handle the eggs and make sure they hatch safely so the baby turtles can be released into the ocean.”

According to another tourist, Valerie Hughes, the mother turtle may have been attracted by the lights.

She said: ”I hope they turn off the lights during the turtles’ egg-laying season as it attracts them too far inland.”

Sea turtles use beaches and lower dunes to lay their eggs, depositing around 100 in each nest.

Once a nest has been completed, the female never returns to it. The eggs hatch themselves around two months later and the babies left to fend for themselves by crawling into the ocean when they are born.

However, on this occasion, conservationists will look after the turtle eggs to prevent them from being damaged by beachgoers on the busy stretch of sand.

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