Scorned Wife Beats Cheating Toyboy Husband To Death With Sledgehammer

A scorned wife had sex with her toy-boy husband then beat him to death with a sledgehammer as he slept before hanging herself, police said.

Newlyweds Boonthan Pachanon, 32, and wife Waraporn, 50, had recently moved into the single-storey home in Saraburi, Thailand.

But the marriage started to suffer when ”ladies man” Boonthan, a backhoe operator, was caught romping with the landlady two weeks ago.

The couple argued before appearing to reconcile – the wife saying she accepted his adultery – but allegedly still harbouring a deep grudge.

Neighbours heard Waraporn, a maid, having sex with her husband the last Thursday evening.

She is then believed to have waited for Boonthan to fall asleep and in a furious rage repeatedly smashed his face and hanged herself in front of their two pet dogs.

Police arrived last Friday morning to find the room covered in blood with Boonthan’s skull smashed and Waraporn’s dead body hanging. The dogs were guarding their corpses – and officers had to lure them out with fried chicken wings before they could enter the room.

Chief of Police Colonel Pairoj Tesophon said: ”When officers arrived they found the two dead people in the room. The husband’s cheeks had been severely damaged.

”There was a lot of blood all over the walls and next to the dead man’s head was a sledgehammer.”

Officers believe scorned wife Waraporn hid her fury at her cheating husband while secretly making a plan kill him and herself.

Several other death-causing potions were also in the room, which police believe the wife had put their as alternative suicide methods.

Police Colonel Pairoj said that the couple’s two pet dogs were in the room during the alleged murder and became aggressive while trying to protect their master’s corpse.

Officers used fried chicken wings to lure the pet pooches outside. They then entered the crime scene.

Landlady Banjong Sirisarn, 45, who had previously also had sex with the dead man, said: ”The couple had been here for half a month. They were always arguing.

”The husband was much younger and he had spent the night with me while he had a problem with his wife.

”His wife knew her husband was a ‘butterfly’ who liked a lot of different women. She told me about this, we talked and I didn’t think she minded.”

Police said that both of the dead bodies were taken for a post mortem examination and they are not looking for any suspects.

Police Colonel Pairoj added: ”Our team has checked the crime scene carefully. It is known that the previous evening they had sex.

”Our investigation has concluded that the wife beat her husband with the hammer while he was sleeping due to jealousy.”

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