Schoolgirl Killed By Somtam In Buriram

A Thai schoolgirl died after eating a killer salad mixed with raw crab and fermented fish.

Wanida Artsiangram, 16, spent the weekend with her older sister eating ‘Somtam’ in their house in Mueang district of Buriram, Thailand, on August 24.

The super-spicy dish popular in the country’s north eastern provinces is made from papaya and mixed with chilli peppers and raw seafood to give it an extra strong taste.

But the girl suffered agonising stomach pains and diarrhoea in the early hours of the morning which had still not improved the next day August 25.

Wanida collapsed and was unconscious when at ambulance arrived. Paramedics performed CPR but she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The post-mortem found that the girl had died from a severe gastrointestinal infection combined with dehydration caused by heavy diarrhoea.

Devastated mother Kajorn Artsiangram, 56, said she wanted to warn other parents about the dangers of eating raw ingredients.

She said: “I can understand why my daughter died from eating the raw fish, but it was still hard to move on as I did not expect her to die so early.

“I want my daughter’s case to be example so that other people will be more careful about using the raw ingredients in food.”

The food seller who supplied the dish, Sumruay Thongnarin, 50, denied that her salad had caused the girl’s death despite a later analysis showing numerous bugs in her pickled fish.

She said: “I feel sorry for her family, but I think the food is not the problem because it is a natural way of food preservation and I also eat them everyday.”

The country’s Ministry of Health urged people to ensure that the raw fish is boiled first and should try to avoid eating papaya salad that is made from fermented fish.

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