Schoolgirl, 9, seen selling flowers on roadside spotted by modelling agency boss

A poverty-stricken schoolgirl was spotted selling flowers on the roadside and has now been signed to a top modeling agency.

Jeaw-weaw Pornwipa Phongpin, aged nine, was helping her mother by selling lucky garlands for 10 baht (25p) to passing drivers on a road choked with fumes in Bangkok.

She took a break on a concrete barrier, where she was seen displaying the poise of a supermodel as she arched her back to tie her hair in a pony tail.

Flamboyant celebrity fashion designer, Oop Wiriya, was immediately struck with her natural finesse and on-point postures when pictures of the schoolgirl emerged online last month.

Oop, who owns an entertainment and modeling agency, tracked down the schoolgirl and beamed ”I’m going to make you a star”.

He has since been teaching the youngster the tricks of the trade to become a top model and has transformed her into a mini beauty queen.

Pictures from Oop’s studio show him and other top industry figures positioning the girls body and face for photographs.

Jeaw-weaw says she loves the modelling work could now be set for a glamorous life of fashion shows and modelling shoots.

Modeling boss, Oop, said: “Jeaw-waew has the looks and attitude of a supermodel. I want to give her the chance to train as a young model.

”She has the talent to be a star. I’ll help her as much as I can. It’s just fabulous to give her the chance to live the life of her dreams.”

The schoolgirl said she was excited to be trained as a model. She said: “I never thought that one day I would have an opportunity like this.

“Being a superstar like the famous model Patchrapa Chaichua is my dream.”

Siriporn Phongpin, 26, the mother of Jeaw-waew, said she was thrilled after hearing that the model agency was giving her daughter a chance. 

Siriporn said: “Jeaw-waew has been helping our family by selling the flowers. We don’t have a lot of money so we need her to work, too.”She makes flower garlands and sells them after school. We are so happy that Jeaw-waew could become a star model.”

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