Schoolboy Jumps To His Death In Front Of Classmates

This is the horrifying moment a schoolboy leapt to his death in front of shocked classmates — after his mum did not come to Mothers Day celebrations.

Jaruwit Janted, 16, climbed out of window onto the ledge on the fifth floor at the school in Sisaket last Friday afternoon.

He then inched his way along before horrified friends tried to talk him down – screamed as he plunged to the ground suffering fatal injuries.

Teachers said that Jaruwit – who has raised by his grandmother – had become withdrawn in recent weeks and was depressed over Thai Mothers Day celebrations because his mother did not attend.

The event saw parents in the days leading up to the celebration visit their children in schools – but Jaruwit was increasingly troubled after being left alone as friends took part in the celebrations with their mothers.

Teacher Apiwuth Thongthai, 51, said: ”I saw him walking on the 5th floor balcony and tried to call him to stop. But he went on.

”At the corner of the building he stopped then looked back. He looked down and jumped.”

Friends who had been having lessons opposite said they watched him walk along the ledge and called from him to stop.

Vipavinee Boonma, 16, said: ”I shouted to the teacher and told them to help but it was too late.”

Paramedics arrived on the scene at around 3pm and rushed Jaruwit to Sisaket Hospital but he was later pronounced dead having suffered two broken legs and hips.

Jaruwit’s grandmother Pannee Chulong , 75, said: ”He was always a happy and cheerful young man that loved taking photos and laughing later when he put them on the computer.”

School headmaster Pongan Thamsiris said: ”Friends and teachers have noticed the symptoms of depression in the Jaruwit over the last one or two weeks. He had changed from an outgoing boy and became separated from the group. He did not have any quarrels with friends, but he wanted to be alone. We must now help those pupils who have been traumatised by this.”

Police Lieutenant Colonel Supakajajorn Phisak said officers have spoken to relatives at the hospital and established that the Jaruwit is separated from the mother.

He added: ”Police said that part of the reason for this was that the school had organised Mothers Day and the mother of Jaruwit did not come. We believe e that Jaruwit was badly stressed by this leading to the accident.”

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