Schoolboy Caught Using Saucepan As Helmet

A schoolboy was stopped by the police after travelling on a motorcycle while using a saucepan – as a HELMET.

Officers spotted the youngster riding with of his friends on the bike in Nakhon Nayok Thailand last Thursday August 8 morning.

Road traffic cop Tanit Bussabong immediately pounced when he saw the unusual head wear on a busy road – pulling the boys to one side and taking their details.

Tanit said the boy in the middle was wearing the saucepan and he then took pictures of the rider wearing it.

He said: “I just wanted to order the passenger who was wearing a helmet to pass it on to the driver.

“It was such a humorous moment when they stopped at the checkpoint and I realised the helmet was a saucepan.

“They were in a rush to school as a cooking class was waiting for them, I warned them not to break the law again and informed them to switch the saucepan to the driver and then let them go.”

Police later called the boys, all aged 14, to the police station where they were presented with a real helmet.

The lad received the helmet and promised the officer to wear it from now on. He said: “We could have been fined, but we were not. I want to thank to the officer for his kindness and for the helmet.”

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