Schoolboy, 10, gored to death by elephant in Cambodia

A schoolboy was killed after being pinned against a tree and gored by an elephant.

Heak Chiveak, 10, travelled to the elephant ranch with his uncle in Ratanakiri province, northwest Cambodia, on Saturday (March 14).

But the youngster was left alone in a area of the park where elephants roamed. He walked over to a motorcycle but before he could reach that, the 32-year-old bull charged at him.

Police said the adult elephant, named Pokma, used its trunk to pin the boy against a tree while repeatedly hitting him.

The crazed bull then gored the boy with its huge ivory tusks. It was later pictured walking along a hillside after killing the boy.

The youngster’s relative, Bunroeung Phlal, 31, works in the area as a mahout and heard the attack.

He scared the elephant away and rushed the boy to the nearest hospital but he was later pronounced dead.

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