Schoolgirl, 12, With Serious Gun Skills

Meet the angel-faced 12-year-old girl with a deadly talent – she can
assemble a MAGNUM faster than POLICE.

Salisa Yasuwat learned how to handle dozens of weapons –
including M16 assault rifles and Smith and Wessons – when she was just nine
years old.

The pint-sized pig-tailed youngster can dismantle, clean and reassemble the
arms with incredible precision that normally takes decades to master.

She now spends her free time working with her gunsmith father Prajak, 51, in
his mobile weapons repair van travelling around Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Incredible footage from local reporter Muek Kitsana shows the youngster even
teaching cops how to take apart and reassemble their own weapons.

She begins with a shiny silver Smith and Wesson 686 Magnum .357 – taking
just ten minutes – before moving on to giant weapons including pump-action
shotguns that are almost as big as her.

Schoolgirl Salisa Yasuwat, 12, who can assemble a magnum faster than police

Schoolgirl Salisa Yasuwat, 12, who can assemble a magnum faster than police

Chiang Mai police constable Damrong Saenduangdee, who has his guns serviced
regularly by Salisa, said: ‘’I’ve never seen a young girl like this. I
cannot do what she does. She is much, much faster than me and has a greater
knowledge of firearms. She is very, very good.’’

Salisa said that her father taught her about guns and that she can work on
‘’revolvers, shotguns, war weapons, M16s and rifles”.

She added: ‘’I like helping my father with the guns. My favourite is the
Magnum. I can do take it apart, clean every part of the machinery, and
assemble it again in ten minutes. Sometimes quicker, but I am careful.’’

Proud dad Prajak said he became an gun smith eight years ago and says
his children have always been around a lot of guns.

He said: ”For me, it is very safe for my daughter to be around guns. She is
very sensible and shows a lot of respect to them. She knows how to handle
them and knows how dangerous they can be.

”My daughter enjoys helping me with my business, and we have a lot of
customers who are police and soldiers that need their weapons cleaning.

”None of them are able to handle the weapons as well as Salisa. She is an
expert and she enjoys it a lot.”

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