Russian Woman’s Head Cracked On Baht Bus

A Russian tourist’s head was cracked open when a bus suddenly braked – before the driver kicked her off dripping in blood then fled the scene.

Vera Ivanova, 26, was riding the pick-up truck style passenger vehicle with her partner in the early hours of the morning in Pattaya.

But the bus stopped suddenly, sending her flying forwards and cracking her head on an iron bar. With blood pouring from her wound, the driver then allegedly ordered her off before speeding away into the night.

Concerned residents came to help Vera and the emergency services arrived to bandage up her wounds before she was taken to hospital for further checks.

Vera said there were about ten other people on the bus and she had been onboard for ”ten to 15 minutes”. She added: ”The bus stopped very sharply and I was thrown forward. I hit my head and the driver made me get off. He did nothing to help.”

Shop assistat Sakda Kulamat, 19, who helped Vera and her husband after the incident, said: ”The lady was walking around with a lot of blood on her face and asked for help. She said she was on the bus and hit her head on an iron bar. Then the driver left.”

Paramedics from the Sawan Boriboon Foundation took Vera to hospital and passed on details of the injury to police. They said that Vera could contact the police to make a complaint.

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