Russian Woman SHOT During Phuket Burglary

This is the horrifying moment a wealthy Russian woman covered in blood cries in pain after being SHOT during an armed robbery.

Businesswoman Elena Kharenko, 52, confronted two burglars after being woken up at around 2.30am this morning at her plush villa in Phuket, Thailand.

It is believed they struck after her husband left earlier in the evening to visit a bar with friends and they knew she was alone.

Elena woke up and after hearing the burglars and finding them in the home. Police said the men opened fire and she was shot in the stomach and right calf before running screaming into the street for help.

Horrified neighbours who found her in agony called an ambulance and she was rushed to hospital where she is recovering from the injuries.

Police are now hunting the suspects after the shooting in the Rawai area of the popular tourist resort.

Elena Kharenko, 52, after she was shot in Phuket during a burglary

Elena Kharenko, 52, after she was shot in Phuket during a burglary

Lieutenant Hongsitthichaikul from Chalong district police said: ”The bandits wanted to find something in her home. The woman had stayed for a long time in Thailand and had a business with her husband.

”Her husband was out partying with friends and the bandits might have known this. She was at home and staying alone.

”The robbers we believe there were two or more people involved. They were looking for valuables.

”The woman woke up and they shot her. We do not know yet what they have stolen because we need to wait for the woman to return home and check what has gone.

”She is not seriously injured and she will be OK so we are waiting to interview her fully for the investigation.”

Officers searching the property found blood covering Elena’s bed and the bedroom floor.

A number of .38 bullets were also recovered as well as two shoulder bags believed to have been used by the attackers.

Lieutenant Hongsitthichaikul added: ”There is CCTV inside the home so we are checking that and will find the bandits.”

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