Russian Woman, 51, Drowns In Pattaya Pool

A Russian woman drowned after going for a drunken swim in a hotel pool when she couldn’t sleep at night, police said.

Svetlana Zimina, 51, had been drinking the night before but decided to go for a late night swim at 3am in the early hours of Saturday morning.

But she got into difficulties in the water and a nearby security guard jumped in to pull her out when she called for help.

Svetlana Zimina, 51, drowned in a pool in Pattaya

Svetlana Zimina, 51, drowned in a pool in Pattaya

Despite being still alive, she died at the poolside after the guard called rescuers who did not arrive in time to the condominium block in Pattaya, Thailand.

Her devastated husband, who had been sleeping at the time, heard the noise from below his room and came down to find his wife dead.

Police Captain Manod from Banglamung police station said: ‘’We think that the woman went for a swim because she could not sleep. Before this she had been in the room with her husband.

‘’She had the smell of alcohol on her and we she was still drunk.

‘’She went into the swimming pool but drowned. We have spoken to witnesses and checked CCTV. This was an accident.’’

Police said there were a pair of blue flip-flops by the side of the pool and a black hair band found in the water.

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