Russian Tourist Steals Chicken Then Jumps Into The Sea

A drunk Russian tourist is questioned by police after he stole 10 pieces of grilled chicken on sticks and leapt into the sea.

The holidaymaker, who was not named, allegedly grabbed the meat from a street vendor before leaping off the pier in Pattaya, Thailand, at 5.30am local time today September 4.

Jitlada Khamkaew, 27, said she called police after the man grabbed 10 sticks of chicken and run toward the pier, before jumping into the sea and starting to swim further offshore.

But after officers arrived she said she did not want to press charges because he ”seems like he is a little bit crazy”.

Jitlada said: ”I was grilling the food to get ready to sell in the morning. I am sure he was drunk. He just came over, took the chicken and ran away.

”He jumped into the water and was swimming further away. I was worried about him.

”I can forgive him. I am happy that he is safe now.”

The tourist, who did not have his passport or ID on him at the the time of the video, was taken to the police station to sober up.

Officers said that as the street seller did not want to press charges, they would release the Russian once he felt better.

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