Russian Tourist ‘Drowns After Drunken Late Night Swim’

A Russian tourist was found dead on the beach after he is believed to have went for a drunken swim in the early hours of the morning.

Denis Masanov, 50, had been drinking with his wife on Lamai Beach in Koh Samui on Tuesday before she went to bed late in the evening.

Shocked locals then found the naked body of the Russian holidaymaker the next morning after it washed up some 100 metres from where he had been sitting.

Police arrived and traced the man to a nearby hotel where his wife was still sleeping. She went to the beach and identified the dead man as being her husband.

The devastated wife broke down in tears and admitted to police that Denis liked drinking to excess every day.

She believes he had gone for a late night swim after she had returned back to their hotel room.

Officers have now sent the body to hospital for a post mortem examination to find the cause of death.

Koh Samui Police Sheriff Kittipop Roddon said: ‘’Police arrived after being informed that there was a lifeless man without any clothes. There were no tourists on the beach at that time in the morning.

‘’There was blood coming from his nose and he was naked. A Russian woman staying at a hotel near the scene arrived and cried, because she confirmed that this was her husband.

‘’The deceased’s girlfriend testified that when she returned to bed first, her partner was still sitting alone drinking.

‘’The wife also said that the deceased had many health problem. He was also a person who liked to drink heavy alcohol every day. Therefore she believes her partner was drunk and then went to play in the water, which may have caused shock until drowning and death.’’

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