Russian Tourist Cut Free After Standing On Metal Spike

This is the eye-watering moment a female tourist has to be cut free after she was stuck on a metal spike impaled through her FOOT.

Russian Tatiana Kuzima, 33, had been walking with friends but stepped on a block of concrete with the steel reinforcements sticking out.

A sharp spike pierced Tatiana’s foot – coming out on the other side – and she was filmed screaming in agony in front of passersby in Pattaya.

Tatiana was eventually freed after rescuers used an electric saw to chop off the metal and carry her on a stretcher – with it still embedded through her foot – to the nearest hospital.

A spokesman for The Radio Rescue Foundation said they were alerted to a toasts in severe pain on March 7 at around 6.30 pm

They added: ‘’We found Tatiana screaming in pain. Rescue officials cut away the steel that she was stuck on and she was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

‘’Surgeons removed the steel rod from her foot and she was able to leave. We secured the block to make it safer so it doesn’t happen again.’’

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