Russian couple stranded in Thailand because of coronavrius found living in a CAVE

A Russian couple stranded in Thailand because of the coronavirus were found living in a CAVE.

The tourists were discovered on Saturday (April 18) sleeping in tents among rocks on the coast of Krabi, a popular tourist destination in the south of the country.

They had been using a camp fire to stay warm at night and surviving on scraps of food.

The Russian holidaymakers told police that they arrived in Thailand two months ago but were kicked out of their hotel at the start of April when the Covid-19 situation worsened.

Since then, the couple, who are both in the 30s, have been living in the cave at Tonsai Bay in the Ao Nang district of Krabi.

Police converged on the area and took the two tourists for health checks and Covid-19 testing – which came back negative – before moving them to a free hotel.

The tourists reportedly said that they wanted to stay in Thailand – which has had 2,792 Covid-19 cases – and avoid Russia, where there have been 42,853 infections.

Colonel Pitsathon Yuthong said officers have already informed the Russian Embassy in Bangkok about the tourists.

He said: ”The two Russians did not have any money. They said they were waiting for the virus situation to pass before they tried to return home.”

The tourists told the police that they visited Thailand two months ago but they were forced out of their property at the start of April when the region closed hotels to try and strop the spread of disease.

With passenger flights banned this month and many parts of Thailand imposing travel bans, returning to Russia has also become more difficult.

The pair said that during the chaos, their belongings – including a camera and drone – were stolen and they were also waiting for police to trace them.

The couple have now been transferred to one of four hotels in Krabi being used to house foreigners caught up in the fall out from the coronavirus.

Police Major Colonel Pitsathon Yuthong added: “We wanted to help send them back to Russia but they insisted on staying in Thailand until the pandemic shall be better.”All we could do was contact the Russian Embassy for them and take them to the available hotel. From now on the embassy will take care of this matter.”

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