Russian Boxer Dies After Plunge From Balcony In Pattaya

A Russian boxer was found dead after plunging from the fourth floor of a hotel balcony in his underwear.

Aleksei Zabolotskikh, 35, had been drinking with friends before returning to the room in Pattaya, Thailand, in the early hours of on Sunday September 22 morning.

But hotel staff called police when they heard a loud crash outside the property. They rushed outside and found Aleksei on the ground with a head wound.

Officers pronounced Aleksei dead at the scene. He had blood coming from the head wound and also suffered a broken leg and broke arm.

Police are now investigating how he fell to his death at the Sea Breeze Jomtien Resort.

Aleksei’s Thai friend Kitichai Thanormsuk, 18, said the pair had been partying together before the incident.

Kitichai said: “I spent last night partying with him then I took him back because he was very drunk.

“I came back to the hotel this morning to see him and was shocked to know that he fell dead from his fourth floor balcony.”

Police Liutenant Colonel Pitak Nernsaeng sent the foreigner body to the local hospital for the post-mortem and will investigate more.

He said: “We will check the CCTV footage again in case the man did not fall down accidentally.”

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