Robot Learns How To Cook Pad Thai

If you have ever felt difficulty in cooking then a few Thai students have got the perfect solution for you.

Thai students have invented a clever robot that cook’s the country’s renowned street food.

The youngsters from Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna hosted a exhibition for their innovation at the campus in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Wednesday October 9 morning.

This group of students designed a system for a robot hand and programmed it to cook famous street food dish ‘Pad Thai’, a combination of fried noodles, spring onions, beansprouts, egg, tofu, dried shrimp, herbs and sauces.

The program was effective as the robot was able to rustle up a perfect dish of Pad Thai by pouring the ingreditents from the containers and stirring the dish in a frying pan.

The innovation was selected to represent the university’s work in the Thailand Competition on Robotic and Automation Control using Industry 4.0 Technology 2nd.

Engineering student Kunanan Singha,who helped to develop the robot, said that the program’s goal was to prepare students for the world of of artificial intelligence.

He said: “Our robot and program that we designed is meant to prepare us to be ready for the modern world, where the robot will be integrated into society.”

University officials awarded the team behind the Pad Thai Cooking robot a research grant worth 600,000 baht (16,193 GBP).

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