Bangkok Road Rage Driver Fires GUN At Passing Car

This is the moment Bangkok road rage boils over as a driver fires a GUN at another car.

Roj, 45, was driving behind the black Toyota Vios on Wednesday afternoon when the driver wound down the window.

Moments later he brandishes a handgun and shoots at the grey 4×4 pick up truck travelling in the outside lane.

Police are now hunting the driver after the clip recorded in heavy rain in Bangkok, Thailand, went viral.

Driver Raj said: ”The car was moving strangely and looked like it had a problem with the other pick up truck.

”I couldn’t quite believe what I saw when a gun was pointing out of the window. Then I heard the bullet fire and was shocked.

”I wasn’t scared, but I definitely tried to keep my distance from the car. I didn’t want him turning on me next.”

Roj’s brother Padon, 51, who was travelling as a passenger shared the dashcam footage online.

He said: ”This is crazy. People can’t just go round firing guns when they have an issue with another driver.

”The clip has been popular. Everybody is shocked that this would happen.”

Police said they had been made aware of the footage and were investigating it.

A spokesman for the Royal Thail Police said: ”We’ve seen it and it’s something we’re investigating to find out if a crime has been committed.”

The clip has gone viral on social media with Thais shocked at the shooting.

But it’s hardly a rare occurence. It’s just that this time it has been recorded on a dashcam camera.

Take for example, this incident around the same time.

In  Phuket a 23-year-old Thai man was taken to hospital after being shot in a drive by road rage attack.

Chayan Srinual was hit in the leg after getting into a dispute on the road while riding on a motorcycle.

Unfortunately there’s no dashcam footage of that one, but with more drivers using cameras, expect a few more clips like this.

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