Very Revealing Hot Pants On Sale In China

These denim shorts leave little to the imagination – taking ripped jeans to a new and very revealing level.

The ”bandage hot pants” were being sold in China for 13usd a pair – proving popular with customers keen to show off their backside.

According to one shop selling them, the jeans allow the ”maximum amount of fresh air to circulate around the private area” while still ”remaining decent”.

Manufacturer Linli Huang from the JYC Good Lucky store said: ”The denim hot pants are popular and we have received many orders for them.

”They are great for women who would like to show off as much as their body as possible. They also help to stay cool and let air around the body while wearing clothing.

”The hot pants are a ripped denim bandage style and we expect them to be so popular next summer.”

The hot pants are available in blue, black and white denim.

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