Retired U.S. Soldier Found Dead In Khon Kaen

A former U.S. serviceman was found dead yesterday at his home in Thailand after his girlfriend disappeared several days before.

Jean-Marc Robert Gilman, 65, had been living in the northern Khon Kaen region after serving in the military and leaving his home in Massachusetts, then running businesses and property in the country.

The veteran had a Thai girlfriend who regularly stayed with him but had not been seen for the last few days, according to neighbours.

Police found the pensioner’s body yesterday afternoon on the ground floor after residents became concerned by the strong smell coming from the three-storey detached house.

Jean-Marc’s body was on the ground floor – not the bedroom – and surrounded by plastic storage boxes and other storage items. The white mattress he was slumped on appeared to have large blood stains around the base.

Neighbour Suwit Tawan, 50, said: ”The American was a very friendly man. He spoke Thai and he was very kind to people and talked to people when he went outside.

”Yes, there was a woman that visited but I didn’t know her. I thought she was his girlfriend. I saw her last week but not again.I had not seen the American this week.”

Police Lieutenant Colonel Akasit Intalao said officers received a call at 7pm yesterday (Thu) evening and rushed to the home on the city’s Srijan Road. They found Jean-Marc laying on a white mattress on the the ground floor with a blanket covering him. He was around 170cm tall.

Police Lieutenant Intalao said: ”Officers arrived to carry out the examination with a doctor. The front door was locked and my team forced it open. The body of the American man was found. He had been dead for approximately three days.”

Community leader Sanga Buagong said that Jean-Marc was well known in the area and often spoke about his time in the U.S. military.

He had also been involved in property and running a business during his time in the country.

Sanga said: ”Mr Jean-Marc had rented this home for seven years. Often we would see him outside with his walking stick. He left in the afternoon for a walk then came back in the evening most days.

”He often return home with the Thai woman but then we did not see her for a while. Nobody had seen Mr Jean-Marc for a few days and we thought to look in the home because of the very bad smell.”

Police said that initial examinations showed no sign of a struggle in the home but that police would not make assumptions until a post-mortem examination had been carried out.

Lieutenant Colonel Intalao added: ”We will require a forensic officer to review the evidence and to check the home again. The autopsy has to be thorough. We will immediately report the death to the U.S. Embassy so the man’s relatives can be contacted.”

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