Restaurant Guest Slaps Waitress Who Told Him Not To Smoke

CCTV footage shows the moment an angry restaurant guest slapped a waitress after she told him not to smoke inside the building.

Businessman Surasi Haengsrisuwan wanted to light up while he was tucking into food at the Krungsri River Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

But the waitress Panita Kochprapa, 25, told him that smoking inside the hotel’s restaurant was forbidden. The pair began arguing before Surasi delivered a deft blow to the face of Panita, who was born a man.

The transsexual later filed a police report but after mediation she agreed to drop charges in return for 40,000 Thai baht (1,200 USD) in compensation.

She said: ”He wanted to start smoking in the restaurant and I was very polite. I said ‘Excuse me, Sorry Sir, but smoking inside the restaurant is not allowed because it will set off the alarm’.

”He spoke back and was quite rude. I walked away to get on with my work but he came over to me and carried on arguing. Then he struck me.”

Footage of the incident showed the attack and the pair met each other at the local police station. Surasi apologised and agreed to pay compensation in return for the case being dropped.

Speaking afterwards, Surasi admitted that he had hit the waitress. He said he was not aware that the waitress was transgender and blamed his ”short fuse”.

He said: ”I cannot deny what is is seen on the CCTV, I hit the waitress in the face. This was because she talked badly to me. She was impolite.

”I admit that I struggled to control my emotions. I have a short temper. It was caused by the words said between us before the incident.”

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