Refurbished! Country Road Bar On Soi Cowboy

The Country Road bar at the top of Soi Cowboy is much better after its refurbishment in the middle of 2018.

The old pool tables have gone – now only one remains – and the entire building has been re-decorated in a modern, urban style.

A new bigger stage is on the opposite side of the bar, where the four pool tables were before, along with a dance floor area. The dance floor is great once the bar gets warmed up at the weekend. As is seen in the video below, there’s a mixture of old blokes dancing awkwardly and young Thai girls…

In addition to the stage, the bar has been increased in size so it spreads along the back wall where the old stage used to be.

There’s no real theme – it’s more of a mix and match. The decor has the unfinished brick look which is economical and fashionable. Then then there are a smattering of mock Victorian-era British street lamps and nautical ropes, plus some hanging lighting at the bar area.

The outdoor seating area has been improved with wooden decking and new tables. And there’s another bonus to the re-furb – a big-screen TV outside and behind the stage. On weekends, Premier League games are shown on the screen outside. There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a Saturday night, watching football, and seeing the gogo girls passing by.

Overall, it feels a bit more like a modern, trendy bar catering to young tourists that want drinks, partying and music. The atmosphere is much better than before, too.

This is how Country Road used to look before the refurbishment…

Yes, there are still Thai bands who sing Western pop songs in broken English. During sober hours it’s ear-splitting. But after a few beers and with a bit of totty on your arm they’re something to jig along to.

Also gone are the surly young lads that ran the pool operation – apart from one who remains. So the place feels much friendlier. The bar girls even seen to have been told to dance and smile.

This all came about after a fire on March 4 after closing time destroyed part of the inside of the building. The pictures below show the damage that was caused. All quite strange…

The owner must have decided to take the opportunity to give the whole place a clean-up.

Yes, the pool tables could be quite fun. But there are plenty of other bars for playing pool in Bangkok, and frankly, they’re much better than what Country Road was.

Whereas before it was a bit of a drag going inside Country Road on Soi Cowboy, the refurbishment has made it the kind of place that feels more open and welcoming. Somewhere to sit in and take in the music or chill outside.

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