Real-Life Mad Max Car In Pattaya!

This is the bizarre moment a driver pulled alongside a real-life Mad Max car – decked out in flags and fairy lights.

Olivier Alexander was travelling along the motorway near Pattaya, Thailand, when he spotted the open top car on Monday evening.

It was covered in spray paint, welding modifications and flags – just like a vehicle from 1979 action hit Mad Max.

And after noticing he was being filmed, the driver even switched on a set of multicolored fairly lights decked out around the sides of the cars.

But it was all too much for his embarrassed wife in the passenger seat who tries to hide when she sees another motorist recording the banger.

TheMad Max car in Pattaya

TheMad Max car in Pattaya

Bar owner Olivier, who is originally from Brussels but now lives in Bangkok, said: ”I recorded the car on the motorway on the way to Pattaya. I couldn’t quite believe it at first.

”It was pretty weird. I laughed my backside off then started to record it. The girl was clearly embarrassed by it as she starts hiding when she sees me filming her.”

The dodgy-looking car eventually left behind as Olivier sped away.

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