Randy couple arrested after being caught making love in public

A brazen couple were arrested after they were caught making love in the public.

The pair shocked onlookers when they began romping near a market in Pattaya, eastern Thailand on Tuesday (17/12) night.

Police arrived and found a 60-year-old man lying next to a drunk woman in her 40s, whose knickers were around her ankles.

The couple, both Thai, were ordered to get dressed before the woman was taken to the station to wait for her relatives to pick her up.

The man, a food seller, was also arrested. He told the police that he felt a sudden attraction to woman, which led to their making love in the public.

He said he felt sorry for the woman because she was drunk and had nowhere to stay.

He said: ”I live near to where this happened, but at night I walk around and just see what’s happening in the area and nap outside.

”I found her and we started talking. We were very attracted to each other and were just carried away.”

The woman admitted that she performed a sex act on the man before they began having sex.

The witness who reported the incident police said he was angry because children could have seen the romping paid.

Tum Banyensakul said: “I worried that people making love in the public could be an inappropriate thing for the children around her to see.”

Police said the couple were given a warning and sent home without either of them being charged.

Colonel Thanaphong Phnothi from Pattaya Police said: ”Both people arrested for lewd behaviour.

They were warned not to do this again. Both of them had been drinking alcohol and they had no money to pay a fine but we will keep their details.”

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