Rampaging Russian Arrested In Pattaya’s Beach Road

A rampaging Russian tourist is arrested in a red light district after attacking passers-by.

The shirtless holidaymaker allegedly attacked pensioner Wong Yuk Mo, 65, from Hong Kong on Wednesday evening.

He is then said to have continued his rampage by punching Thai local Patipha Paetkul, 20, in the head.

Officers arrived and handcuffed the Russian, who was not named, and detained him in a cell after the alleged rampage near the Beach Road area of Pattaya, Thailand.

Patipha and the other alleged victim were treated at the scene for their injuries.

Motorcycle delivery rider Patipha, speaking in the video to a reporter, said: ”I was riding along when a group of men blocked the path.

The Russian man arrested after a rampage in Pattaya

The Russian man arrested after a rampage in Pattaya

”I tried to turn and maneuver away from them but one of the men hit my helmet and another punched me.

”There was a fight and police arrived.”

Lieutenant Colonel Satsak Pinthong from Pattaya Police Deaprtment said: ”Initially the arrested man said he was responsible for the crime.

”He has been held at the police station while the allegations are investigated pending further legal actions.”

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