Railway Workers Hold Back Woman From Tracks

This is the dramatic moment train station staff stop a woman form running on the tracks seconds before speeding rain approaches.

The passenger carrying shopping bags is seen waiting on the platform causing a disturbance as she tries to reach a waiting on the other side of the station.

Two guards hold her back while a third comes running over to calm her down.

But moments later she breaks free and makes a reckless dash to run over the tracks.

Luckily, a station commander grabs her arms and drags her back with seconds to spare as a powerful locomotive comes rolling past.

Railway worker Baujong Jautu, who witnessed the drama unfold and watched it back on the station’s CCTV camera, said: ”The woman was almost killed. People have to be careful when they’re cross the tracks to get to a train.”

Almost all of Thailand’s railway stations have platforms that are on ground level – allowing passengers to walk across tracks to board trains.

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