Israeli Tourist Drowns In Koh Samui

An Israeli tourist drowned after slipping into a river while he was taking pictures of waterfalls in Koh Samui.

Radwan Sbih, 27, had been with two friends staying on the popular holiday island. They went for a walk to a waterfall and Radwan clambered onto rocks to take pictures of the idyllic scenery.

But he lost is footing and plunged into the raging waters – swollen from weeks of heavy rain.

His body was washed down stream before coming to a rest on rocks. The emergency services arrived and pulled Radwan’s body from the water but the tourist, from Jerusalem, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rescue worker Patipong Kaewpetch said: ”The emergency call was received on Friday at 2.41pm. A foreigner had fallen into the Na Mueang waterfall.

”In this case they had walked across the river to go to photograph the area. A flash flood had also recently caused a strong flow of water.

”The man fell into the river and disappeared while his two friends were watching.”

The breath-taking waterfalls on the popular holiday island attract tourists from around the world. But they have also gained a repuation for being some of the most dangerous.

In July, ex-Eastenders star Paul Nicholls spent 72 hours trapped in a rock fall at the bottom of the Khun Si waterfall on Koh Samui.  The actor suffered a shattered leg and needed several days in hospital to recover.

While British holidaymaker Luke Scott, 20, survived a 260ft drop down the Na Muang waterfall – the same one that claimed the life of the Israeli.

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