Python Squeezes Cat To Death In Singapore

This is the horrifying moment a wild python squeezes a pet cat to death after catching it outside a block of flats.

The 8ft long snake pounced on the hapless white moggy as it walked along a pavement next to apartments in Jurong West, Singapore on on November 16.

A shocked resident returned home and noticed the struggle on the pavement but was ”too scared” to intervene and free the cat from the grasp of the snake.

However, the reptile eventually released the snake after being disturbed by a crowd of people that had gathered before slithering away into a nearby drain. Sadly, the cat had already been suffocated.

The filmer said the cat stopped moving after ”two or three” minutes. She said: ”My brother wanted to save the cat, but it had already died.

”My brother stayed there for over an hour to make sure the snake did not slither away or harm anyone.”

Snake catchers from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) were contacted at 11:30pm and arrived an hour later.

They were filmed pulling the python out of a drain.

A spokesman said pythons killing snakes was part of the ”eco-system of the urban jungle” but that pythons are ”generally shy” creatures.

They said: ”Every now and then, cats do fall prey as well as their curious nature usually brings them close to the snake. In a way, it’s an eco-system within our urban jungle.”

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