Python Regurgitating MONITOR LIZARD

Incredible footage shows the moment a python regurgitates a massive MONITOR LIZARD.

Rescue workers were called after the snake slithered under a patio at a home in Samut Songkram yesterday morning.

They smashed the concrete and dragged the serpent into their pick-up truck to be driven away and released into the wild.

But the 17ft-long python was disturbed by the vibrations from the moving vehicle – and was filmed slowly regurgitating the enormous 15kg lizard.

The 5ft long – which weighed almost as much as the 20kg snake – monitor emerged lifeless as it lay on the bed of the truck next to the snake.

Shocked resident Uraiwan Konhasuk, 43, said: ‘’I was drying my clothes at the back of the house and found a large snake that had crawled under a gap in the concrete. I was shocked at the size of it and ran inside to call the rescue staff.

‘’The backyard is a wilderness and has a lot of wildlife but I would never have believed that a snake could eat a lizard that big.

The python killed the monitor lizard then slithered under a patio to digest the reptile

The python killed the monitor lizard then slithered under a patio to digest the reptile

‘’When I think about it, it gives me nightmares. It was disgusting. I hope that the snake won’t come back.”

Five staff from the Sawang Benchait were involved in catching the snake which was later released back into the wild.

They said it took around an hour to free the snake from its hiding place where it had been hoping to spend the next week digesting its victim.

Khun Manop Chanarit, who filmed the scene, said that staff had tried to use a halter but the python had fought back.

He said: ‘’Rescuers had to smash the concrete and use pliers to cut the metal. The snake was very aggressive. We knew it had eaten something but didn’t know what.

‘’Everyone was surprised. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was filming it. The monitor lizard was bigger than a metre. The snake was about five metres long.

‘’The snake was taken back to the forest but unfortunately the lizard did not survive.’’

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