Python Regurgitates A WHOLE Cat!

This is the disgusting moment a 13ft long python regurgitates a heartbroken owner’s pet CAT.

Pichet Yooburg, 46, was frantic with worry after noticing his beloved white moggy had gone missing on Monday morning

The father-of-two ran outside and found the stodged python sprawled on the pavement with a huge lump on its throat.

Stomach-churning footage shows the serpent spitting out the dead ten-year-old kitty after being collared by rescue workers at 9am in Phatumtanee area of Bangkok, Thailand.

Pichet’s son Danaiybig Yooberg, who recorded the clip, said: ”The snake swallowed the cat’s whole body. It spat out the cat but there was nothing the owner could do to save it.

The python regurgitates the pet cat

The python regurgitates the pet cat

”The home has dozens of cats and they had been disappearing one-by-one. This time they found the snake, though. It tried to crawl away but it was too fat.

Brother Kantapon added: ”We are very sad to lose our cat. We think the python had been living under the house for quite a long. He liked the house because it was shaded and damp. And they like to feed on the cats.

”We have taken that snake to another place that they can live far away from people’s homes.”

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