Python Regurgitates CAT Behind Children’s Centre

A 14ft long python is caught hiding behind a children’s centre and forced to regurgitate a wild CAT.

The serpent had been comfortably coiled up digesting its meal inside a concrete pipe in wasteland in Bangkok on Sunday morning at around 8am.

But a passery-by spotted the reptile and called rescue workers who dragged the beast from its den where it had been for resting two or three days.

They then shook its tail and pushed down on the snake’s swollen stomach to make it regurgitate the feline.

Stomach-churning footage shows the python spreading its jaws and writhing uncomfortably as the half-eaten dead cat slowly emerges covered in slime.

The rescue worker who recorded the footage said the python could have been a danger to young children if they had not captured it.


She said: ‘’Oh my god, this was so scary. I didn’t want to get too close while I was filming it.

‘’I wanted to let him get the food out from its belly naturally but staff said that would not have been successful.

‘’It was a cat that came out. it must have been in there for about three days because the smell of the rotten dead body when it came out was very strong.

‘’It’s very rare to see a python doing as normally it will eat something and keep quiet in its own little place.

‘’The snake was found behind the Blue Light children’s centre on Soi Prachautit 33 in the Thung Khru district of Krung Thep.”

The python, which was later driven out of the city to be released into the jungle, would normally have spent around ten days totally dormant while it digested the large meal.

After slithering back out into the light, It could have survived for weeks or even months without another significant meal. But snakes tend to regurgitate their food when they are disturbed, afraid or nervous.

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