Python Kills Six Kittens And Two Survive

These two cats used up some of their nine lives after surviving a python killing spree – which left five kittens dead.

Owner Matinee Somsun, 40, woke up to find the kittens and their mother – six in total – strewn across the floor at her home in Samut Prakan on Sunday morning.

The 12ft long python is believed to have slithered in overnight through a gap in a window.

Rescuers arrived to remove the snake while Matinee rushed the two wounded cats, named Pony and Dew, to a vets for emergency surgery.

Two-year-old Dew received stitches for a horrifying wound to her left hind leg while three-year-old Pony needed treatment after being bitten in her eye.

Matinee, a food seller, said: ”I was in shock when I found the snake and I ran away. Every one of the windows where the cats stay has protective mesh around it. We take care of them well.

The python after it had killed six kittens

The python after it had killed six kittens

”We don’t know how it got inside. But it killed six cats. It had swallowed some of them and left some on the ground.

”I don’t understand how it happened. But I miss the kittens so much. The room was so full of sound and fun with them. I am heartbroken. I am still crying.”

Matinee says the two surviving cats will need to visit the vets every day for the next week.

Pony will continue to be treated for a wound on her cornea while Dew will need to have the dressing on its leg changed and receive treatment to prevent infections.

Matinee added: ”Pony was bitten in the eye and there was blood all around that part. She has a cornea wound.

”Friends have helped us pay for the cost of treatment. It was 2000 baht (46gbp) on the first day and 1,800 (42gbp) on the second. It is expensive, but it is worth it.

”I’m happy we still have two cats that are alive but I’m very sad about those that died.”

The python was captured and put in a sack before being released back into the wild.

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