Python Bites Rescuer’s FOOT

This is the terrifying moment a rampaging python drops from the  ceiling and bites a rescuer’s foot.

The 14ft long serpent had been curled around the wooden beams in the roof of a home in Chachoengsao, Thailand, when the owner’s 10-year-old daughter spotted it.

Her father Sirichai Wongsuu, 35, feared it could have EATEN HER – and called rescuers who tried to free the reptile.

Source: Python Bites Animal Rescuer’s FOOT by ViralPress on Rumble

But as they pulled it free the python suddenly dropped to the ground and violently began STRIKING OUT at people as they screamed in terror and JUMPED off the ground to dodge its attacks.

Dramatic footage shows the moment the furious reptile sank its deadly fangs into rescue worker Danu Pon, 40, when he tried to stamp on its head to control it.

With blood pouring from his foot he hobbled away, as the beast continued trying to attack locals in the room who struggled to snare it earlier this month.

Danu said: ‘’We were holding on to the snake for 20 minutes trying to catch it. I used my right foot to stomp on its head it but it bit me.

‘’It hurt a lot, a lot. I felt its teeth inside and kicked it away but it jumped back and came towards me in the corner.

‘’My heart was ‘boom, boom, boom’ when it was staring at me with its mouth open.

”It was me and the python staring at each other, for a moment I thought I could die but then I remembered had my colleagues to distract it again.

‘’I was lucky it was only a small bite and not poisonous. Pythons are most dangerous if they catch you while you’re sleeping.”

Chachoengsao Rescue Unit eventually lassoed the snake’s head and crammed it into a fertiliser bag to be released back into the wild.

They measured the snake at 4.3 metres (14’1’’) and said it was responsible for the deaths of local animals.

Sirichai, whose home the snake rampaged through, said: ‘’This was a big boa. We have some missing kittens and chickens in the village and I’m sure this has eaten them.

‘’Fortunately my daughter saw the snake in the roof or it could have been very dangerous. It would have no problem swelling a small child.”

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