Python Beaten To Death After Eating Farmer’s GOAT

A raging python breaks free from a cage but is battered to death in revenge after getting caught eating a farmer’s GOAT.

The 15ft-long serpent was found sprawled on the floor of the wooden hut in Pahang, Malaysia, earlier this month.

It had raided the wooden structure and eaten one of the goats that had been sleeping there.

Villagers coaxed the snake out of the shed into a metal cage and tried to trap it with a wooden ladder.

But the furious serpent reared up and struck out at the gate before spreading its deadly jaws.

It managed to slither away but terrified locals – fearing for their safety and the lives of other goats – battered it to death with pieces of wood.

Ahmad Riduanz, who recorded the footage, said: ”The snake was killed for fear it would eat the goat again and because of it’s giant size, the security of the villagers was also threatened.

‘’The snake did not die easily. It had to be hit many times. It’s a common problem so people have no patience. We have to kill them to stay safe.”

Last month a 23ft long python was captured and cut open in neighbouring country Indonesia after swallowing missing farmer Akbar Salubiro.

The region is home to some of the biggest pythons in the world which can be deadly when hunting pray.

In 2016, the longest ever captured python died in Malaysia. It measured 26ft.

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