Policeman Turns Ghostbuster To Perform Exorcism

This is the bizarre moment police turned ghostbusters and chanted a Buddhist prayer to perform an exorcism on a Thai woman claiming to be haunted by an evil spirit.

Police Captain Phurithat Phurithattanon, 49, was reaching his hands and praying the spiritual chant for the woman in Nakhon Phanom, northeastern Thailand on March 5.

The police officers of Nakae police station visited the family and found the 35-year-old woman screaming in pain with her husband, from Europe, standing by her side.

Her foreign partner told the police that his wife was suffered from the hallucination by a local “Phi-Pob”, the parasite ghost that eats the internal organs of its host.

The exorcist officer talked in the northeastern dialect, telling the middle-aged woman to breathe deeply and let go of the body, before started chanting the Tipitaka – the Buddha’s teachings.

Amazingly, the haunted woman calmed down and eventually passed out while the police did not let his hand off of her head until the chants ended.

The ghostbuster Phurithat said that the Pali chants were the Buddha’s greatest teachings which could calm people and could expel the evil spirits away.

He said: ”I had been a monk for more than 10 years. The Buddhist chants had the power to make people become more conscious of what they were doing and bad spirits did not like that.

”However, this kind of spiritual things was up to the personal beliefs. I was just trying to remind the woman to be conscious and not to hurt others by practising the religious teachings.”

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