Policeman Almost Killed While Directing Traffic

This is the hair-raising moment a policeman comes within inches of being killed by a car after walking backwards into oncoming traffic.

The cop was standing in the right hand lane directing cars away from a broken down lorry on the hard shoulder in Bangkok, Thailand.

But he suddenly steps backwards into the middle lane – and the same time that driver Thanakorn Phalunchai also switches to that lane to avoid the congestion ahead of him.

Traffic Cop Has NEAR MISS While Directing Cars by viralpress

Thanakorn’s dashcam shows the dramatic moment the stranded traffic officer suddenly spots him approaching, spins around, freezes and quickly jumps away with his arms outstretched.

The policeman – wearing a face mask and high vis vest – comes within inches of being hit by Thanakorn’s near side front bumper after the near miss on Wednesday morning.

Thanakorn said: ”It was a sensational incident. I nearly hit the police officer who was directing traffic because of a lane being blocked by an accident.

”He was waving a wand to tell the trucks and cars to move into the right lane and slow down.

”I switched to second lane from the right and the truck in front moved to the right. But I didn’t know there was a second truck in front of that one.

”The second truck used his brakes. I had to move to the left again but the policeman was there standing and waving.

”I slowed down and had to swerve to miss him. He dodged my car, too.

”I did not really see and may have underestimated the traffic. I’m sorry if I was careless in any way. Thankfully everyone is oK.”

The incident happened after two lorries had been involved in a minor accident and traffic police had used cones to block off the two left hand lanes on the outside of the highway.

The policeman was waving to traffic to warn them of the hazard and move them into the two right hand lanes.

But as Thanakorn approaches, the lorry in front of him moves to the right – revealing a second lorry in front which suddenly brakes.

To avoid ploughing into the back of that lorry, Thanakorn has to swerve into the middle lane at the exact moment that the policeman was walking backwards into it

Thanakorn shared his clip – which had the incorrect date set – on Thai social media where it was viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

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