Police raid sex and drugs party flouting Covid-19 lockdown in Chiang Rai

This is the moment police raided a sex and drugs party that was defying a Covid-19 lockdown in Thailand.

Furious neighbours reported the youngsters after they were disturbed by two nights of a non-stop music and noise in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.

Officers raided the luxury bungalow and found 19 semi-naked young men and women cavorting near the pool. Three others were romping naked on a bed in a connected room.

The local force searched the property and allegedly found several bottles of liquor, boxes of condoms, packs of cigarettes, methamphetamine, ketamine and marijuana.

Police rebounded up 10 men and 12 women who attended the party. They said that almost everybody there tested positive for drugs.

Officers additionally found and confiscated a bag stuffed with 237,000THB cash (5,864GBP) along with drugs.

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