Police Motorcyclist Swerving Suspiciously Erratically

A driver recorded this police motorbike rider swerving suspiciously erratically across the road for more than SEVEN minutes.

Steve Duangchathon, 35, spotted the officer riding erratically on a motorway in Pathum Thani.

The officer veers across four lanes narrowly avoiding being hit by cars and crashing into a stationary taxi at around 9pm.

He has a left indicator on the whole time and appears to be carrying a plastic bag in his left hand.

Eventually he parked up in the hard shoulder and made a phone call on the Ramindra Expressway.

Steve’s said said: ‘’I was travelling on the motorway and saw the police motorcyclist wobbling from left to right. I picked up a phone and kept recording. I followed the rider.

‘’In the second clip he was swering into the cars. He kept going until the motorway exit then parked up and started using his phone, while I carried on driving home.

”I think the only explanation is that he was drunk. 99 per cent of cops are good but there’s just one per cent that are drunk. ”

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