Police Hunt Korean Who Stabbed Fiend 17 Times

Police are hunting a South Korean after his friend was found stabbed 17 times while they drove home together from a massage parlour.

Park Jinhyung, 28, was found covered in blood – but still breathing – in his BMW in Pattaya, Thailand on Wednesday October 23 night.

He had been stabbed 17 times and left to die by the attacker but concerned locals found him and contacted the emergency services.

Officers found 400,000 baht cash (15,601 GBP), car keys and a bloody knife that was used as a weapon.

Police Liutenant General Chettha Komonwatthana said that they had identified the suspect as another South Korean, named Park Keunhui, who is 38. They have issued an arrest warrant for him.

They said that the victim, who is in a coma, had picked him up from an entertainment venue with karaoke and massage in the notorious ‘sin city’. But they allegedly started arguing on the way home before the suspect repeatedly stabbed his friend.

Police Liutenant General Chettha said: “We gathered other evidence from the area and now we can identify the culprit, who is Korean and the same nationality as the victim.

“There was only one man who stabbed the victim but there were two more men who drove the car for the culprit.

“However, we could not clarify the motive of the crime yet but we presume that it was just a quarrel or a business dispute.

“We coordinated with the airport and the border police to prevent him from escaping from Thailand and will arrest him as soon as possible.”

The victim is still in a critical condition in hospital.

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