Police Catch Motorcyclist Riding Naked

Drivers were shocked when they spotted this man riding his scooter NAKED on a motorway.

The unclothed man in his late twenties was seen speeding past motorists in Ayutthaya, Thailand, last Friday morning.

Police received calls from concerned onlookers and followed the naked motorcyclist for several miles.

He was eventually caught by cops who pulled the keys from the bike’s ignition but he fled – ending up naked on his back in a nearby storm drain.

Officers said the man was carrying nothing apart from a bottle of water and a condom.

Onlooker Chanida Sukpirom said: ”I saw him and thought it was so funny. He was naked without a single piece of clothing.

”I filmed him for a little while before he passed us. Then I later on the news on TV that police caught him.”

Caught in a ditch

Caught in a ditch

Blowin in the wind

Blowin in the wind

Lieutenant Colonel Phaphong Srisawat, Deputy Director of Police Department, said they believed the man – whose name was not released – was drunk.

He sad: ”Police received a call that a man was naked on a motorcycle and officers were dispatched.

”Officers found the man aged between 25 and 27 years old, not wearing any clothes on a black Honda motorcycle without any registration plates.

”A signal was given for him to stop but he accelerated and blocked traffic and caused a traffic jam.

”Police pulled out the key to prevent him escaping.”

The man tried to flee and was arrested naked before complaining that he was not comfortable.

He was later given clothing by officers.

Lieutenant Colonel Srisawat added: ”We have checked CCTV cameras and the man can be seen driving a motorcycle for several minutes up the road in the Wang Noi district.”

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