Pillows with Anime Girls’ Legs Spread Apart

Body pillows printed with Japanese anime girls are getting an upgrade with a pair of wrap-around legs and the internet is going crazy about it.

The pillow is printed with a life-sized anime girl lying in a seductive position. The shape of the pillow is fashioned so that it can follow the spreading of the anime girl’s legs.

Cartoonist @mizuryu of Twitter is the person behind the idea. His sketches of the bizarre but perfect hug pillow were posted on social media which easily gained attention from the public.

Full Graphic Factory, a Japanese T-shirt manufacturing company, reached out to @mizuryu after seeing his design online asking if they could work together to turn the idea into reality. Not long after, they came up with a prototype which includes three different pieces of pillow put together to create the final product.

Aside from the playful design, the product is also said to be ergonomic to support the body. It also uses a soft type of fabric which makes it a comfortable bed pillow.

Meanwhile, excitement leading to the release of the product builds up as pictures and videos of provocative Japanese models playing around with the pillow spread online. The models feature sensual tutorials of how the pillows can be used efficiently. Photographs of models in an erotic position with the body pillow are also circulating online.

The product will available to the public on Dec. 29 to 31 at the Winter Comiket which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight.

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