Pickup Truck Crashes Spilling Kids Onto Road

This is the shocking moment two pick-up trucks collided at a t-junction sending passengers spilling across the road.

The white truck carrying teenagers in the back was coming at speed before hitting the black vehicle on the highway in Phattalung, southern Thailand.

Footage from CCTV cameras on a Saturday evening shows how the white pick-up jumped the red light and smashed into the other truck as it was making a turn.

The white truck toppled over onto its side sending 18 passengers flying out onto the road. None of them were seriously injured and they were all taken to hospital.

The white pick-up driver Prawit Taweemueng, 39, was questoned by police. He said that he was taking the group of teenagers to a music event when the brakes failed.

He said: “I did hit the brake pedal but the car did not stop. I was trying to turn slight left to avoid hitting the black car but it was too late.”

Thankfully it was not a case of DUI as this would have resulted in the man going in for a very long time as he would not just endanger his life but also of all the people sitting behind him. You can find more information regarding DUI on this website.

Phattalung police fined Prawit for reckless driving on a public road.

The CCTV control centre, Pattalung Provincial Administration Organisation, published the video to warn motorists about driving dangerously.

A spokesman said: ”Junctions are the most common place to have an accident so drivers should be even more vigilant in these areas. Please do not speed or drive dangerously.”

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