Pickup Truck Avoids Moped But Crashes Himself

Shocking dash cam footage captures the moment a pick up truck swerves to avoid hitting a ”careless” moped rider – and ends up crashing himself into a shop.

The black 4×4 is seen moving from the right-lane into the centre moments before a motorcycle rider pulls into the same spot.

The driver of the truck swerves sharply to the right to avoid knocking over – and potentially killing – the scooter rider carrying shopping bags and his helmetless pillion passenger.

He swerved back again to the left in order to avoid shunting the back of another car.

But the driver’s quick thinking causes him to lose control – and he veers into the curb, back across the central reservation into oncoming traffic on the opposite side, before smashing into a shop.

The jaw-dropping dashcam footage was captured by Thidarat Samart on Sunday afternoon in Ayutthaya, near Bangkok Thailand.

the pick up truck driver swerved into a curb after losing control

The pick up truck driver swerved into a curb after losing control

Husband, Art, said: ”Everybody looked to be driving along calmly then it all changed it a second.

”It’s very scary to see that happen right in front of you. It was like panic all across the road.

”The moped rider was quite careless to move into the path of the truck. They cut straight across three lanes.”

The driver of the pickup survived the crash but his vehicle is believed to have suffered serious damage.

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